Speedy Siegl Racing

Add Lightness

"Adding power makes you go faster on the straight,                                                             removing weight makes you faster everywhere" - Colin Chapman


Lightweight, vintage-racing inspired parts

Speedy Siegl Racing manufactures bolt on parts for air cooled, vintage style motorcycles. These parts are made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and are significantly lighter than the original parts while meeting or exceeding the desired structural integrity. They also add a bit of vintage racing style with speed-holes as the dominant theme. We genuinely believe that lighter not only looks better, it's faster too. Whether you are racing, or commuting, reducing weight is the best performance modification to any motorcycle.

CB450 pile.JPG



Ducati EFI exhaust flanges after hand finishing

C200 landspeed engine.JPG

1964 Honda C200 landspeed engine getting close!

Belray swag.jpeg

Bel-Ray Lubricants are the official oil of Speedy Siegl Racing!