Speedy Siegl Racing

Add Lightness

How it all started

Speedy Siegl Racing is a Seattle based company that manufactures lightweight, racing inspired parts for motorcycles. Established in 2015, Isaac Siegl started producing one-off parts for his own motorcycles to reduce weight and add something unique to each build. Soon, others were requesting parts for different models. As the product line expanded, so did the demand, and Speedy Siegl Racing quickly took off! 

How its made

Speedy Siegl racing parts are made entirely in Seattle, Washington, using 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. All the material we buy, cutting tools, and CNC machines are made in America.



It is no secret that competition improves the breed. Speedy Siegl Racing is devoted to making products that function as well as they look, and the best way to develop these parts is through racing. We sponsor three of Seattles top vintage class road racers as well as campaigning some of our own bikes for vintage motocross and land speed racing.

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